Discover our Fair Trade Artisans

We believe that socially conscience eco-fashion is defined by the use of organic or natural fibers and fair trade labor in every step of the supply chain.  Sustainable products, for any industry including the fashion industry, must be produced with respect for people and the planet.  Imagine how much better you would feel, if what you wore was made from sustainable materials and crafted by people paid livable wages in humane and safe workplaces.  That is what being responsible and sustainable fashion company means to us.

Discover our Fair Trade Artisans

Our mission is to elevate artisans in the poorest regions of South America to world-renowned status in the handicraft textile market while paying a fair living wage. We work with over a dozen fair trade field organizing teams and quality control centers that coordinate over 300 artisan work groups.

Meet a couple of our artisans – Mario and Maria Huisa...

This is the story of Mario and Maria Huisa. They are just one of the 700 family members who have benefited from collaboration over the past decade. When Jessica first met Maria and Mario, they were living and working in a modest brick home in the highlands of Peru. Together, Mario and Maria wanted to find opportunities to work within their village while continuing to practice their ancestral knitting heritage. They also wanted to find a way to help support their community. Jessica recognized a special spark within Mario and Maria. She explained, 'They had passion and wanted to make a difference within their village and family, but because of their distant location the opportunity for work was scarce.' Through collaboration with Indigenous and Jessica Rodriguez, Mario and Maria were provided with just the opportunity they needed. They started with only one knitting machine and the passion to make a difference in their community.

Today, Mario and Maria have built a new home, own ten knitting machines, four linking machines and provide work for up to 40 artisan knitters within their community. Mario and Maria shared in our vision and the fundamental belief that if given the opportunity, change could happen. They are just one example of the courage and tenacity that indigenous artisans possess. Thank you for allowing us to provide the opportunity for change.

This is the story of just two of the hundreds of artisans who are living a better life because of people choosing to wear organic and fair trade, stylish clothes from Indigenous.

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