Organic Women's Tops

Women's Organic Shirts

From classic to modern, these Pima cotton shirts are made to last. Each organic cotton women's shirt is crafted from the softest Pima cotton and colored with eco-friendly dyes. Because the fabric next to your skin should be as soft as it gets, 100% organic, and non-toxic.

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Why settle for fast fashion containing harmful dyes, and toxic pesticides and herbicides? Our cotton is 100% organic and always will be. We handcraft beautiful women’s organic cotton t shirts and pima cotton tops from the purest, chemical-free organic cotton. These pieces are classic, modern, and made to last.

Our sustainable fashion is as gentle on your skin as it is on the earth. With clothing that’s entirely toxin-free, we do to keep toxic chemicals away from your skin, out of our waterways, and off the land. Produced on small, often family operated farms in Peru, our organic cotton t shirts and women’s pima cotton t shirts are made in safe, fair trade certified factories.

Shop our women’s organic t shirts and tops knowing that each piece is crafted in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. This is ethical fashion you can feel good about.