Impact Report


We believe... Fashion can be a force for good.
We believe in wearing clothing that lifts up the communities who make it.
Each piece of clothing we make is not only soft on your skin, but also soft on your earth.
Impeccably handmade and unique.

We believe in supporting true artisans who use traditional skills combined with modern technology.

We believe that what your wear speaks volumes about who your are, and that a label can be much more than a status symbol. It can be a symbol of integrity and heart.

We believe diversity is a key ingredient to a healthy planet, and a more vibrant life.

We believe words like ‘Organic’ and ‘Fair Trade’ must have an honest meaning. We have dedicated ourselves for over 20 years to ensure that they do.


You believe that all people matter. So do we. That’s why we adhere to fair trade standards. Our artisans earn a fair, living wage while working in safe conditions.

When you wear Indigenous Designs, you wear clothing that gives back to the people and communities who make it. And that makes all the difference.


We use only the finest natural and organic fibers, keeping harmful toxins out of our ecosystems, and away from your body.

Pull on soft, certified organic cotton, and eco-friendly Tencel. Keep warm in humane and sustainable alpaca wool. Know that everything we make is 100% natural, soft on the environment, and safe for everyone who touches what we do.