Self Love Sweeps | Win a $1200 to Shop Sustainably

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Sustainable Fashion Contest - Indigenous, Amour Vert, Indigo Handloom, Prairie Underground
We brought together some of our favorite sustainable brands to bring you a Valentine's Day giveaway inspired by self love. Enter to win $1200 in ethical fashion + beauty! The winner will receive gift codes totalling $1,200 to Indigenous, Amour Vert, Indigo Handloom, Prairie Underground, Aether Beauty Co, and Anna Monet Jewelry. The contest runs from Thursday, February 7th to Thursday, February 14th.


  • Margarita Aleman: February 19, 2019

    Finally I found beautiful ethical, sustainable, Ecological and confortable clothes to were ;
    And make me fill good and happy to make a different in their life , I support y Empowers Women .

    make me fill Empowered too ❤️

    Thank you!!!

  • Louann Nickerson: February 19, 2019

    Bless your beautiful clothes and your contributions to a beautiful planet.

  • Maria Workman: February 19, 2019

    I love your fabrics and styles. It’s so hard to find natural fibers and yours are organic which is sustainable and eco friendly. I’d love to be able to afford more of your clothes but I’m still a student (again) at the moment.

  • Cheri Madison: February 19, 2019

    What a great opportunity. Thanks!

  • Chris: February 19, 2019

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some amazing products from some awesome companies!

  • Charlene Fleszar: February 19, 2019

    I was lucky enough to find my first piece of indigenous clothing and have been searching for pieces that really speak to me ever since. The prices are worth every penny and are unique. I love this company—not just the beautiful pieces but what it stands for. Fair trade is a belief of people mutually producing and selling things they take pride in. Many thanks!

  • todd siders: February 19, 2019

    I really miss the men’s casual shirts you used to carry about 10 years ago. they remain the highest quality, best fitting, and longest-lasting shirts I’ve ever owned…

  • Constance Nelson: February 19, 2019

    just found this amazing shop Indigenous in Petaluma while visiting my daughter – can’t wait to go back up and go to Indigenous again!!

  • Sarah Zitin: March 01, 2019

    We still want to invite you to a free listing in our Green Marketplace directory!
    Check us out and let us know if you’d like some of your products to be advertised on our site to help promote global sustainability.

    Thank you,
    Editorial director

  • soraya smith: March 01, 2019

    you should do this why not?

  • christine beaudry: February 19, 2019

    Love your designs and what u do

  • Joan Dugan: March 01, 2019

    Styles are versatile & flattering; great shopping choices!

  • Betsy N. Wild: February 19, 2019

    Finally fashion is headed into the right direction!

    Thank you and best of luck!!!
  • Samantha Marut: February 19, 2019

    Amazing company mission and clothing.

  • Anne L Hryniewicz: February 19, 2019

    At a healthy age of 73, you have the most good looking and comfortable clothes for my Florida lifestyle. I also appreciate the price range.

  • Heather Angelo: February 19, 2019

    I’m excited for this giveaway!

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