Machine Handknitting

Handcrafted clothing created on handknitting machines by highly skilled artisans. 

In the first stage of using these hand operated, hand-powered looms, artisans create knit panels. These high quality knit panels are then hand-linked together. This hand-linking requires intensive training, practice and skill. While this type of hand-finishing is more time and labor intensive, it results in unmatched quality.

Knitting machines allow artisans to create fully fashioned knits. Full fashioned knitting cuts down on the amount of material required to make a garment by eliminating selvage (the remnants that would be left after cutting from a rectangular fabric sheet). Less waste = clothing that is more sustainable and eco-friendly.


Handknitting machines allow artisans to create finer, often lighter knits with complex detail. This helps ensure year round work.

Artisan creating complicated knits on handknitting machine for our sustainable fashion line.



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