Fashion Revolution 2023

Fashion Revolution

This Fashion Revolution week we mark the tenth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, where over 1,100 garment workers—almost all of them women—lost their lives. 

These women didn’t have to die. Their lives were cut short because of unsafe working conditions stemming from the fast fashion industry’s negligent preoccupation with quickly churning out trends, while cutting costs while selling more, and more, and more. All at the expense of the people who make the clothes we wear. This yearly event, while heartbreaking, serves as a reminder that we need ethical, sustainable, and fair trade values now more than ever.

Since 1994, INDIGENOUS DESIGNS has supported organic farmers in Peru and around the world with a long-standing commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We work directly with artisans and farmers to ensure fair labor practices and fair wages, while actively supporting other fair trade artisans and businesses across the globe.

Fashion Revolution

Fast fashion is the dominant force in the industry, decimating the lives of people and the health of our planet. But you have the power to make a difference. When you join the growing movement for ethical fashion, you positively impact the world—one garment at a time.

This year, remembering the tragedy at Rana Plaza is more important than ever. We urge you to take action and join the movement for ethical fashion. Visit the Fashion Revolution site to learn more about this year's campaign and how you can get involved.

As a conscious consumer, you can honor the lives lost by donating to womens’ causes, supporting workers in Banladesh, and by using your purchasing power to support ethical fashion brands like INDIGENOUS DESIGNS. Let's show our support for a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry by spreading the word using hashtags like #whomademyclothes, #rememberingranaplaza, and #sustainablefashion. There is no better time to lend your voice to further the cause.


Why Join the Fashion Revolution?

FIVE REASONS to Choose Ethical Fashion 

  1. Protect the Environment
    Ethical fashion emphasizes natural, eco-friendly materials, helping to reduce the impact on the environment—keeping toxins out of waterways and off the land. INDIGENOUS DESIGNS clothing is made with organic cotton, all-natural alpaca, and colored with non-toxic dyes to ensure the planet is safe and so are you.

  2. Support Fair Labor Practices
    Ethical fashion ensures safe labor practices and fair wages, positively impacting the lives of garment workers. Most ethical fashion companies go beyond just fair wages, investing in the futures of the people and communities that make the clothes you buy. 

  3. Skip the Waste
    Sustainable clothing is high-quality and made to last, but is NOT meant to last FOREVER. Synthetic fibers found in pervasively lasting fabrics (think Lulu Lemon leggings) may never degrade. Iin fact, their fibers go into our waterways through the wash, putting plastics into our oceans over time. Sustainable fashion also emphasizes a culture of 30-wears or more; encouraging repeat wear and quality craftsmanship.

  4. Combat Fast Fashion
    Have you seen the images of cast-off clothing piles the size of cities? The ever-accelerating cycle of trendy fashion comes at a dire cost. By choosing ethical fashion, you support a more responsible industry and fight against fast fashion and its horrific impacts.

  5. Make a Positive Impact
    Every time you choose ethical fashion you’re helping support the people who make your clothes, the farmers who create the fiber, as well as their families and communities.


Learn more about our sustainable clothing and ethical fashion production practices, and make conscious choices when it comes to the clothing you wear. 

Let’s start a revolution: change our clothes, the industry, and lives for the better.

Join the Fashion Revolution


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