8 Ways We Are Empowering Artisan Mothers

We help indigenous artisans navigate working-momdom. As a result, they are able to achieve economic independence in impoverished communities.

Artisan Knitters Creating Fair Trade Fashion in Peru for Indigenous Designs

Fair Wages and On-Time Pay | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Fashion Revolution | Fair Trade Fashion Artisan Earning a Fair WageFor over 20 years, we have been committed to paying a fair, livable wage. We helped define what it is to be a Fair Trade apparel company. 

"I appreciate the salary I earn, and that I am always paid on time. The dependable income helps me put my son through college, ensuring a bright future for him and our family." - Anyela Escobedo, a single mother, and quality control expert

Quality Low-Cost Childcare | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Mothers Provided with Low Cost ChildcareBeing a working mom is hard anywhere in the world. But it's especially hard if you're not supported with affordable childcare. That's why we invest in better daycare resources for artisan mothers. Women can leave their much-loved children in good hands, in a caring and safe environment while they work. 

Zero Interest Loans | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Artisans Given Zero Interest Loans through Fair Trade Fashion BrandThe women who work for us are entrepreneurs plain and simple. By partnering with Root Capital, we provide zero-interest loans for women to start and expand their workshops and purchase new equipment. 

"Through two zero-interest loans, I was able to buy a linking and gage-3 knitting machine. By creating finer, lighter knits, I can work year-round, and provide more work to my community." - Ana Cornejo, a single mother of two and an artisan group leader

Investment in Local Schools | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Highland Children Receive Donations to School For Better LivesThrough donations to local schools, we give hope for a brighter future for the indigenous communities in which we work. These donations have come in many forms over the last 20 years, from money to shoes, to books, to new supplies.

On one visit to a remote highland school, we brought a new supply of shoes. Though many of the children traveled long distances to reach their schoolhouse, some had never owned a pair of shoes before, relying on traditional sandals to get them there. They thanked us with a dance! 

Free Training and Materials | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Abused Women Receive Free Skills Training and MaterialsEvery year, we train 50 new artisans who have suffered from economic hardships and domestic violence. By becoming skilled artisans, women achieve financial independence, freeing them of dependence on abusive husbands, and allowing them to support their children on their own. Additionally, we train 100+ artisans with new skills, giving them the ability to earn more money and work year-round.

These women are learning to knit, while their children watch and play. By learning new skills, they can put their hardships behind them, and look forward to a better future.

Flexible Schedules | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Women Artisans have Flexible Schedules so they can be with ChildrenWhen you're a mom, your time is not always your own. By giving artisans flexible schedules, they can take care of their children and home life, while still earning a good wage. 

Ability to Work From Home | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Artisans can Work from HomeMany artisan mothers live in remote areas of the Peruvian Highlands. By working from home, and from in-home workshops, they can stay in their communities and with their families. We try to eliminate unnecessary commuting time whenever possible, keeping mothers and children together. 

Access to Clean Drinking Water | Empowering Artisan Mothers

Clean water access projects in Peruvian Higlands To say that the Peruvian Highlands are arid is an understatement. Communities must have access to clean water to thrive. That's why, with our partners in Peru, we bring fresh, potable water to over 250 women artisans and their families. 


  • Fatima: May 22, 2018

    Awesome work! Making a living and helping communities to thrive is what every business should do. Ayudar a los demas hace sonreir a Dios.

  • LEO G YOUNGER: May 22, 2018

    Thank you for helping the consumer and the artisan. Is it possible that INDIGENOUS will provide hats for consumers to buy, for both women and men? How about unisex hats of the woven animal fiber kind. Many of the artisans wear woven plant fiber hats, as an additional possibility.

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