Hand Woven Ruana



Feel the personal to detail attention and expression in each weave. The Hand Woven Ruana is expertly crafted by artisans in Huamacucho, Peru, where the Inca had his ceremonial garments woven by the empire's top weavers. Today, you can enjoy the artisan balance between artistic expression and skilled craftsmanship in this Ruana.

Handwoven 100% baby alpaca Ruana. "Baby alpaca" is one of the highest quality alpaca fibers found on adult alpacas (not from alpaca babies). These alpacas are raised free-range in the highlands of Peru, where they are a natural and sustainable part of their ecosystem, returning vital nutrients to the soil.

From our good friends at AwA Peru. 


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our impact every year

Carbon Dioxide Savings

45,600 lbs

Water Savings

13 million gallons

Pesticides Kept off Land

400 lbs

Artisans Employed


Handloomed Hand Woven Clothing and Blankets Made in Peru

Handloomed & expertly made.

A handwoven textile is more than a piece of fabric; it’s a piece of history. The skilled artisans who create our woven fabrics combine heritage techniques passed down through generations with technology that ranges from traditional to modern.

Handloomed Hand Woven Clothing and Blankets Made in Peru
handwoven clothing - organic fair trade fashion

Like threads within fabric, handwoven textile design is intertwined within Peru’s cultural identity.

Fall in love with the texture of handwoven organic cotton hand-loomed in central Peru; each piece adds softness and sophistication to your wardrobe or home, while telling a story of cultural heritage and expert design.

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