Dabu Dot Block Print Wrap

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Dove White
Caribbean White
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Dabu Dot Print Wrap Scarf 

Soft, flowing and generously sized, our new organic cotton Dabu Dot Print Wrap Scarf is block printed by hand in India. The large size makes these wraps large enough to double as a sarong.

This classic "Dabu Dot" pattern pairs with any outfit. Choose the cool aqua of Caribbean blue, rich red, or calming gray Dove. 

The slow process of hand block printing results in rich and nuanced painterliness, only attainable by hand. Made from lightweight 100% organic cotton fabric, and printed with low-impact dyes, these gorgeous wraps are made with eco-friendly and fair trade standards.

Measurements: 44" wide x 80" long.

This print is also available as an organic scarf

  • Measures 44" x 80"
  • 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Block Printed With Low-Impact Dyes
  • Handmade in India
  • Fair Trade

our impact every year

Carbon Dioxide Savings

45,600 lbs

Water Savings

13 million gallons

Pesticides Kept off Land

400 lbs

Artisans Employed


Halo and Swan

Halo and Swan is an artisan textile company working hand in hand with masters in the Indian tradition of hand block printing. Founder, Ella Zarum, is of Native American heritage and finds inspiration for her designing throughout the natural world, and in the grace, beauty, and energy expressed in indigenous cultures worldwide. 

Traditional Block Printing

Each piece is block printed by hand onto organic cotton fabric. There is a warmth of soul, and integrity of fiber, in cloth handmade with the dignity of tradition. The slow process of hand block printing results in rich and nuanced painterliness... Something only attainable by hand.

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