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The Indigenous process of making luxurious, eco-friendly fashion starts with creatively matching organic fiber specialty yarns with the specific skills of individual artisan workshops. Whether it is a unique stitch design, other special skill, the right talents are matched with the design needs of the garment, assuring the most precise detail, quality and feel, for each premium design. 

Handmade Clothes | Artisan group Hand-makes Hand-knits Clothing for Indigenous Organic Fair Trade Fashion

Indigenous clothes are typically made using one of three carefully selected handmade methods: hand-knit with needles, hand-knitting machines and hand-weaving looms.


Hand-Knit With Needles
The traditional knitting skills of artisans passed down for generations lays the ground work for the impeccable, detailed needlework of these garments. Each piece of clothing is hand-knit entirely by an individual as part of a small knitting group in their community, not in a factory. Artisans take the time necessary to create excellent quality and fit of each and every piece. Great care goes into the entire process and the result is consistent, premium hand-knit clothing crafted with traditional skills.

Handmade Clothes | Artisan Hand-knitting Hand-making Knits Sweaters Knitwear

Hand Knitting Machines
In the first stage of using these hand operated, hand-powered looms, artisans create knit panels. These high quality knit panels are then hand-linked together. This hand-linking requires intensive training, practice and skill. While this type of hand-finishing is more time and labor intensive, it results in unmatched quality.

Knitting machines allow artisans to create fully fashioned knits. Full fashioned knitting cuts down on the amount of material required to make a garment by eliminating selvage (the remnants that would be left after cutting from a rectangular fabric sheet). Less waste = clothing that is more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Handmade Clothes | Artisan creating Hand-knit clothing with a  Hand-knitting Machine

Old world looming techniques are employed in creating our hand-woven clothing and accessories. This technically demanding art form allows for unique and diverse woven design. Panels are carefully produced on wooden looms, often in an artisan's home workspace. The fabric is later assembled into a finished garment by hand. This results in a woven garment of the highest quality, fit and artistry.

Handmade Clothes | Artisan Hand-Weaving Hand-Woven Clothing Sustainable Fashion

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