Premium Beauty and Affordable Durability

The Indigenous process of making premium, elegant eco-friendly fashion starts with creatively matching organic fiber specialty yarns with the specific skills and available applications of the individual artisan, fair trade workshops.  Whether it is a unique stitch, hand yarn twist, crochet, or other special skill, the right talents are matched with the design needs of the garment, assuring the best fashion detail and premium quality from each artisan group.

Indigenous clothes are typically made using one of three carefully selected handmade methods: hand-knit with needles, hand-held knitting looms and hand-woven looms.

Hand-Knit with needles, handmade clothes
The traditional knitting skills of artisans passed down for thousands of years lays the ground work for the impeccable, detailed needle work in these garments. Each eco friendly garment is hand-knit entirely by an individual as part of a small knitting group in their community, not in a factory. Fair trade wages in combination with educational training allow the artisan to take the time necessary in creating excellent quality and fit of each individual Indigenous garment. Great care goes into the entire process and the result is consistent, premium hand-knit clothing crafted with traditional skills.

Hand-Held knitting look, handmade clothes
The first stage in creating these light weight and sheer garments is creating knit panels on the hand-held, hand-powered lap looms, much like a small knitting machine. The knit panels are then hand-linked together using fully-fashioned details and achieving results on size, fit and finish not obtainable through normal sewing methods. Every seam is hand-linked to perfection. This type of hand-finishing is certainly more time and labor intensive, but results in a garment of higher quality, fashion detail and care. 

Hand-Woven, handmade clothes
Old world looming techniques are employed in creating our hand-woven garments. Yarn is placed on wooden foot looms, often in an artisan's home work space, where they hand weave our organic cotton fabric as their ancestors before them. The fabric is then taken to our factory, laid out over our patterns and hand cut. From there, an expert tailor or seamstress sews together the entire piece, nothing is produced on an assembly line. This results in a woven garment of the highest quality and fit. 

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