Mobile-Enabled Fair Trade Transparency

While some fashion brands hide what goes on in their production process, Indigenous invites customers to openly experience theirs.  The Fair Trace Tool™ from Indigenous uses mobile-enabled technology to provide you a personal, transparent view of where, and under what conditions, your clothes were made.   It also can show you were the fibers used to produce your close were raised or grown. 

All Indigenous apparel that has been shipped since the fall 2012 line includes a QR code on hang tags that engages the traceability tool and connects you to the artisan who handmade your garment.  The Fair Trace Tool™ offers a brand video, artisan profiles, an origins geographical map and social impact data, including results of artisan workforce surveys all on your smartphone.



“The Fair Trace Tool™ is one more way that Indigenous is raising consumer awareness of the vital importance of fair trade and organic fashion to artisans in the developing world, and to the environment. It is part of our commitment to create fashion that honors the people who wear it, and the people who produce it”, - Scott Leonard, INDIGENOUS Co-founder and CEO.


About the Fair Trace tool