Want fewer decisions in the morning? Pick some new accessories for Fall.


Womens ethically made accessories for fall and winter 2015 | our picks

“I once had someone tell me that as you grow up and grow into your career, you should start using the one-thirds rule, which is: Buy one-thirds of the amount of stuff you buy, and pay up to triple the price for it. It’s longer lasting, you’re more likely to buy something that’s timeless and classic, and you have fewer decisions to make in the morning. Decision fatigue is a real thing—Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, many super successful wear the same outfit every day for that reason. When you have fewer superficial decisions to make, you can focus your energy on the things that are actually really important in your career.”

~Cynthia Salim in The Gloss

We covered this interview with Citizen’s Mark founder Cynthia Salim in an Ethical Fashion Friday post a couple of months ago. But this quote in particular has stuck with me for two reasons.

First is the concept of decision fatigue. The idea that the process of choosing, among dozens of options, what to wear on any given day was actually taking energy I could be spending in other places (my family, my kids, my work, etc.) was eye opening for me.

Second was the one-thirds rule. Buying one-third the amount of stuff I typically buy impacts more than just my morning attire decision. If I choose consciously, it means a more ethical closet. And it means I contribute far less fashion waste.

It also means that as summer ends, I need to think about how I buy for the new season.  And I’m thinking I need accessories.

Accessories are a great way to step into the new season without redoing your whole wardrobe. A pretty poncho can completely transform an outfit into something new, a fun bracelet can transition you from day to evening, and a great scarf can pull everything together.

Emily and I got together this week to pick our favorite Indigenous accessories that perfectly mix up our wardrobes and a few that we have been eyeing as Fall approaches.

Tricia’s Picks

The Aerial Poncho

The sight of this hanging in my closet makes me excited for cooler temperatures. I love the softness of it and how easy it is to wear. It also works perfectly starting in early Fall and carrying through all the way to early Spring. When it’s a tad warmer, I wear it over a tank top and when the days get colder, I layer it on top of a long sleeve t. Incredibly versatile, I dress it up with a skirt or down with a pair of jeans and flats.

Womens Aerial Poncho in White organic cotton by Indigenous.

The Beaded Bracelet

I have been wearing this all summer, wrapped tightly around my arm. But when the air gets cooler, I plan to wrap it more loosely for more of a bangle feel (the bracelet has two spots to fasten the button for easy size adjustment). This piece is so beautiful and I love thinking about how it was handmade as I wrap it around and admire the way the beads and stones were threaded to make it all come together.

Beaded Wrap Bracelet made by fair trade artisans in Peru | by Indigenous

Jersey Infinity Scarf

Honestly, who isn’t looking forward to Fall just for the change to wear scarves again? I love how a great scarf can make even a t-shirt and jeans feel special. I’ve been eyeing this infinity scarf for Fall and plotting out ways that the stripes will fancy up the jeans and sweater I wear to the pumpkin patch while also nicely complimenting the blouses I’ll wear to work.

Womens Striped Jersey Infinity Scarf by Indigenous

Emily’s Picks

The 2-Tone Poncho

I remember the first time I noticed a woman REALLY rock a poncho. It was the first time I met Alyssa. The poncho gave her an air of sophistication, as though dressing for her must be easy and artful. At the time, I felt like it was beyond me to even try to pull it off.

Flash forward 12 years. These days ponchos are steadily replacing my traditional as my go-to for throw-on warmth. Not only are they comfy to wear (think of walking around in your favorite blanket,) they also look chic and unexpected. Best of all, they let me rush out the door without having to think about coordinating my layers, (perfect for busy lives).

This year I’m loving the 2-Tone Poncho. It turns the old-world feel of a poncho modern, with clean color blocking in go-with-everything colors. My pick is going to be Cloud / Graphite.

The 2-Tone Poncho in Cloud and Graphite

Pocket Scarves

Word on the grapevine is that extreme scarves—whether elegantly skinny, or large and chunky—are going to be in this Fall. I’m using this rumor as an excuse to break out my favorite scarf early this year. As soon as I notice a chill, I’m twining it around my neck and pulling on a pair of boots. I love the great size—wide enough to drape loosely like a shawl, and long enough to create one of those pinworthy, origami-like wraps.

I picked up my organic cotton Grand Pocket Scarf last holiday season. This year there are two new, even warmer versions to cuddle up with. Were I to choose again, I would have a hard time deciding between stripes and solid. Oh no, here we go with decisions again…

What are you looking forward to wearing this Fall?

Womens chunky alpaca Pocket Scarf in Ash Gray by Indigenous.

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Written by Tricia Mirchandani and Emily Roberts.
Tricia is a mother of two, a freelance writer and the blogger behind Raising Humans.
Emily is also a busy mother of two, and a copywriter and graphic designer for INDIGENOUS.