Top 7 Reasons Why We LOVE Ponchos


Why we love ponchos

I was a cardigan girl, 100%.
Back then I was in college, working part time at a vintage clothing store. One day, while I sat staring at the racks overcrowded with dusty clothes, a girl walked in. A beautiful bird of a woman, seemingly plucked out of some other era. Her hair was reddish-blond, curly and cropped short in a sort of 1930's fashion. Light seemed to follow her as she brushed about the store. She wore a long, black, knit poncho with a cowl neckline. It imbued her this elegant air of sophistication, setting her apart from her time and place.

That was it. Suddenly I could picture myself in a poncho, brushing my way through life just like her. In that moment I wanted to be a poncho wearer. Lucky for me, working at Indigenous gives me unfettered access to gorgeous ethical fashion (including eco-friendly, fair trade ponchos). And I take full advantage.

Spring's new crop of lightweight ponchos has led me to wonder what it takes to make that leap, that transformation into a poncho lover. These days I have an array of pretty ponchos in my closet, and wear them as frequently as I wear sweaters or jackets. Here's what I love about them, a little encouragement for all of you who have yet to venture into poncho style.

Why we love ponchos | Indigenous eco fashion

Reasons to love ponchos:

  1. They are easy to throw on. Seriously, just pull it on over whatever you are wearing. Presto: instant outfit.

  2. It's as close to feeling like you're wearing your favorite blanket as you're going to get... Without looking like you're actually wearing a blanket out of the house. (That would be crazy.)

  3. Most ponchos can be worn forwards, backwards, or to the side, giving them totally different looks.

  4. Love knits? Sometimes ponchos have unique, exotic knits you'll be hardpressed to find anywhere else. (See image below.) All of the ponchos from Indigenous are knit by highly skilled artisans in Peru.

  5. They look good on everyone, every day.

  6. As my sister-in-law said when we gave her a poncho at Christmas: ponchos are effortlessly elegant.

  7. That brings me to my last point: ponchos make great gifts. No need to worry about wether or not it will fit. It will! Plus, you might be introducing someone to the eye-opening world of ponchos for the very first time.

Here's my favorite poncho of the Spring '17 line: the Jacquard Poncho. It's a perfect example of reason #3. Wear either side facing out.

Womens Jacquard Poncho - eco fashion that is reversible and artisan knit.

The V-Neck Poncho (below) comes in lots of colors, all knit from super soft & fluffy organic pima cotton yarn. 

Womens v-neck knit poncho in black organic cotton | Indigenous

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