The TOP 6 Reasons to LOVE Alpacas


The Top 6 Reasons to Love Alpacas

# 1. Alpacas Score a 10 on the Adorable Scale 

From their funky hairstyles to their myriad expressions, alpacas are, by all accounts one of the cutest critters. Need some proof? Behold the baby alpaca. (Better than a kitten video any day.) Baby alpacas make some of the softest fiber imaginable, and we love working their wool into our scarves, sweaters and ponchos. 

Adorable baby Alpaca with mother

# 2. Alpacas are Sustainable

 Alpaca grazing actually helps regenerate their environment. They leave larger plants alone, preferring to chew the tops of grasses and leaving the roots in tact. While they eat, they spread native grass seeds and fertilize the soil. Plus, their feet are padded and leave even the most delicate terrain undamaged.

Alpacas are sustainable, helping their environment while they live free range

# 3. They are Treated Humanely.

Alpacas are raised free range in the Peruvian highlands. The families who care for them treat these prized animals with respect and kindness. Since they have naturally gentle temperaments, who would treat Alpacas any other way?

Alpaca ranchers in Peru treat their animals with respect and kindness

# 4. Color, without the side effects.

Want to avoid harmful chemicals? With 22 (recognized) colors, creative use of alpaca wool can make fabric dye unnecessary. Alpacas come in a rainbow of browns, grays, beiges, and creams. Rich textures and intricate patterns are easy to create simply by combining these natural hues together. What's missing? The extra pollution, water waste, and toxic chemicals present in most high-impact dying processes. (For the record, INDIGENOUS only uses safe, low-impact dyes. Don't you wish everyone else did?)

Intricately patterned knit using two varying shades of alpaca yarn, dark and light gray.

#5. Mr. and Mrs. Personality

Looking for inspiration for your next haircut? A little style advice? Alpacas have style in spades, and are known for their funky hair and knowing look. They back up their good looks with fantastic personalities.

Top 6 reasons to love alpacas: #5 they have loads of personality and great haircuts

And last but not least...

#6. Their Wonderwool. 

Ultra warm and soft, alpaca fiber is also lanolin-free, making it a perfect alternative for those allergic to sheep's wool. Alpaca fiber doesn't retain water, and get this: it's naturally flame resistant. Next thing you know somebody will be making super-hero costumes out of it. (But since we don't make those yet, we recommend starting with sweaters, ponchos, coats and jackets, and scarves and accessories.)

Womens Fringe Infinity Scarf knit from soft baby alpaca, in gray and lavender ombre pattern.