Spring Trends We Love #3: Netted Knits


Spring Trends we Love: Netted Knits | organic, eco friendly, fair trade

If you're anything like me, you don’t like baring it all, at least not all the time. You don’t want to walk around all summer wearing what amounts to a glorified string bikini. And I bet there are lots other women out there who feel the same. So here’s our challenge: how do you cover up a little while keeping cool? How can you look elegant when the temperatures start to rise?

Enter the mesh knit. Or the net. Or the lace. In all its manifestations, openwork is the key to my stylish summer. That’s why I did my own personal (internal) happy dance when I saw this trend on the rise. And while I’ll be investing in the look while it's the height of fashion. 

This spring & summer, INDIGENOUS has a new gorgeous array of open knits to fall in love with. Each is slow fashion at it's finest: handcrafted and ethically made, with incredible attention to detail. Best of all, they feel like clouds on your body. (Yep, I tested them all… For your benefit, of course.) 

The Mesh Pullover

Spring Trends we Love: Netted Knits | Mesh Pullover Sweater by Indigenous

The Lace Pullover & the Netted Cardigan

Lace Pullover Sweater | Spring Trends we Love: Netted Knits by IndigenousNetted Knit Cardigan in Gray by Indigenous | Spring Trends We Love

Netted Raglan Pullover & Knit & Jersey Cardigan & Mesh Tee

Womens Net Sleeve Raglan Pullover Top in Gray | IndigenousNetted Knit and Jersey Cardigan | Spring Trends we Love

More reasons to love INDIGENOUS netted knits:

1.     This is a layer. And if you live somewhere with actual temperature changes during the day, layers are key. Their open, breathable nature makes them perfect for the warmer months. You can keep the layer on longer, and it works like your own personal air-control.

2.     These pieces are of the highest quality. I’m convinced I’ll never own anything nicer, because I know what incredible work and artisanship went into their making. Each is handmade by people with astounding skills.

3.     There is a different feeling when you put on clothes that have given good work and fair wages to the people who made them. And when you know that those clothes are made with natural, pesticide-free yarns, and colored with non-toxic, safe dyes. It feels like you’re wearing what you were meant to wear. Like the world is a better place.  

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