Spring Trends We Love #1: Marled Knits


Spring 2016 Trends We Love #1 Marled Knits

We believe style should be classic. Keeping up with the endless fast fashion cycle can be tiring and wasteful at best. But life would be dull and bland without adding a few new flavors to your wardrobe now and again. So here you have it: our favorite spring trends, and what we love about them. 

Spring Trend #1: Marled Knits

Depending on where you live, this may or may not be your top pick of spring runway trends. But we’re glad the world is coming to appreciate marled knits as much as we always have. (Normally, we go by the name “mélange,” but it’s a tomayto vs. tomahto issue, and we’re not picky about our tomatoes.) 

Marled knits lighten up sweaters, cardigans and ponchos, while adding a touch of sophistication. This twisting and twining of colors gives even the softest yarns an intriguingly textured look. Suddenly, your outfit becomes inherently interesting without any added discomfort or fuss. 

Want to try out this spring trend in an eco-ethical kind of way?
Try these on for size...

Womens Marled Knit Sweater Raglan Pullover in Navy Cloud by IndigenousWomens Marled Knit Poncho in White and Gray by Indigenous

Womens Marled Knit Ombre Serape in Gray and White | IndigenousWomens Undyed Marled Knit Sweater in Speckled Beige and White

Womens Ombre Serape Poncho in Ombre Marled Gray White KnitWomens Ombre Pullover Sweater in White and Gray organic cotton

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