Social Stunts and New Brands follow Fashion Revolution day in this week’s Ethical Fashion Friday


Ethical Fashion Friday News Update May 15th 2015Would you buy a shirt from a vending machine for $2? What if you knew what it took to bring you that shirt so cheaply?

Have you heard of some of the latest ethical clothing brands on the market? What does the continual influx say about the fashion revolution?

Let’s dig into this week’s Ethical Fashion Friday.

Turning Down a 2 Euro T-Shirt

The Fashion Revolution is still making headlines this week with the video of a social stunt set up in Berlin, Germany. The video shows passersby approaching a vending machine that offers t-shirts for 2 euros. After inserting their money and selecting a size, the potential customer sees a video in which they meet an underpaid, poorly treated garment worker. Most people skipped the shirt and donated the money instead.

The stunt brings up an interesting point about the fashion revolution—everyone is attracted to cheap clothing but when faced with the realities of how cheap clothing is made, most people will turn it down. Nobody wants to be the person who made someone suffer just for a t-shirt.

The Fashion Revolution is so much more about education than anything else. Making people aware of what ethical fashion does (and what fast fashion doesn’t) is our most important means of pushing change.

Keep yourself educated with our Ethical Fashion Friday posts. And to learn more about who made your clothes, remember to check out our Fair Trace Tool.

Popping Up All Over

As if riding the wave of Fashion Revolution Day, the news this week was full of new ethical brands launching around the world.

Maude & Tommy, a York-based British company recently launched a formal wear line, described in The York Press as “An occasion to be ethical.”

AllAfrica reported the launch of a new brand by Taati Monde Sibolile, a recent graduate of the Future Excellence Design Institute of South Africa.

And Dallas-based D magazine discussed the launch of Tribe Alive, an artisan-crafted jewelry and accessories brand.

Tribe Alive ethically made jewelry launch

It’s encouraging to see so many new ethical brands starting out, especially since it can be difficult to trust larger brands to be as transparent and ethical as we want them to be. That these new brands are emphasizing ethics and sustainability first and foremost, sets a terrific path ahead for the ethical fashion revolution.

Thinking of starting an ethical brand of your own? Connect with Scott and Matt on LinkedIn. Sharing knowledge as we all work towards the same goal—ethical and sustainable practices everywhere—is a great way to keep pushing the Fashion Revolution forward.      


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