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Mothers Day Contest 2017

Love your Mom + want to shop for free? Tell the world how she inspires you, and you could win $250 to shop our sustainable fashion. Entering is easy, and you'll have a great chance of winning. Two winners will be announced on Mother's Day.

How to enter:
Post a picture to Instagram & tell the world how your mother inspires you. Anything from a sentence to a story will do, as long as it's from the heart.

Make sure we see it by tagging us in the photo: @IndigenousDesigns - give us a follow while you're at it. Use the hashtags #timelessmom + #indigenousfashion so we can all play along. No purchase necessary.

Good luck! We can't wait to be inspired.

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Inspired by my #TimelessMom

Here's a post to get you started, written by our Graphic Designer, Emily.
We can't wait to see YOUR posts on Instagram! (Write as much or as little as you like.)

My daughter loves to rifle through my jewelry box, finding treasures. I am taken back to the times I would rediscover my Mother's dusty jewelry baskets and boxes. I opened their drawers and pulled off their lids. I delved inside and pulled out beads and bracelets and protest pins. Sometimes I’d take down clothing from the closet, the pieces way in the back. Clothing in exotic prints from far off places. High-end wool tweeds made for far colder climates than our central California home. 

Over the years several pieces migrated to my room. I imagine this inevitably happens with most Mother’s and Daughters.

I have a chest saved for my daughter, filled with clothing I am no longer going to wear, things I hope she will love someday, like I loved my mother's clothes. I’m saving them because I assume she’ll be like me, wanting to draw on the strength, style and drama of the women who came before.

I'm writing about this because I work for a clothing line that isn't just about mothers. It's not just about daughters. It's about women, and celebrating them at all ages, and in all places. As we design toward the future, each thought is of making something timeless. A line filled with clothing that you will never throw away. Items to be passed down; clothing that inspires new visions of the world, new visions of oneself. Fashion that gives way to the infinite ways of being a woman, infinitely inspired. 

Timeless Mom Louann Nickerson