Holiday Gifts: The Shipibo Bag


Hand Painted Tote Bags from Shipibo Communities on the Pisqui River

The perfect gift for the adventuring woman, the intepid traveler, and the concerned citizen of the world, these hand painted tote bags allow Shipibo women to earn money while creating their traditional artwork. 

Hand painted Tote Bag that helps indigenous amazon communities. The shipibo bag from Indigenous.

Under the shadow of the breathtaking Cordillera Azul Mountains, women from Shipibo communities based along the Pisqui River embroider and paint handcrafts using designs passed on from mother to daughter for centuries.  

A Shipibo woman from the Peruvian Amazon creates intricate patterns

The Shipibo are the third largest indigenous nation in Peru’s Amazon region and live along the Ucayali River and its tributaries, numbering an estimated 35-40,000 in total. The Pisqui River Shipibo communities are among the most remotely situated and have retained a vital handcraft tradition lost to other Shipibo communities closer to urban centers. The decorative motifs have symbolic meaning that associates people with the natural world. More contemporary styles attest to the continued vitality and creative energy of the Shipibo women artisans. The women hope that they can access a stable market for their artwork, gaining income that will help them maintain their livelihood and identity.   

By making these intricatly painted, fair trade bags available to the worldwide market, INDIGENOUS is part of an integrated effort to improve the quality of life for the Pisqui River Shipibo communities. 

Hand painted hand made tote bag | Indigenous organic fair trade fashion

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Shipibo Children in front of a traditionally decorated building


Shipibo Woman makes artistic textiles