Finding Meaning in the Workplace | Indigenous featured on The Huffington Post


INDIGENOUS CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Leonard, was recently published on The Huffington Post. Read his reflections on why so many are searching for jobs that allow them to make the world a better place... Jobs like ours.

Becoming Idealists: Finding Meaning In The Workplace

Traveling to Peru is likely to shake you up and inspire you. It’s a place of rich culture. Layers of ancient civilizations and history live embedded in Peru’s vibrant and chaotic modern society. Yet it’s not necessarily a safe place, and not a wealthy one. Extreme poverty lurks down most streets, with hungry children on many doorsteps. It’s this kind of poverty that changes your perspective. It’s this constant realization that inspires many of us at INDIGENOUS to look for our worth beyond our paychecks. Instead, we have come to measure our worth by how much work we can give to an artisan group. By whether we can spread that work year round, making their jobs and lives easier and their income dependable. We measure our worth by our ability to reinvest in the communities we work with, and the ways we are able to connect individual artisans with micro financing and skills training.

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Becoming Idealists: Finding meaning in the Workplace | HuffPost Article by Scott Leonard