Fall Fashion for the Modern Art Museum


You’re getting out of the house. Finally. Embarking on a cultural adventure, an expedition to somewhere classy. Maybe it’s an art opening, a museum, or classical music performance. Suddenly all of the clothes in your closet look cheap and out of date. That dress you wore to a friends wedding 3 years ago? It’s not going to cut it.

Recently I visited the SF MOMA, and found myself in exactly this position. Mom who wears jeans and t-shirts most of the year gets to break free for a moment and possibly, maybe, look really nice. I delved into some fall trends for a little inspiration. Some of them are beasts. Fur? Tinsel? Wearing your bag in a weird way? Nope. No thank you. So I thought I’d pull together a few that I liked, drawing on some of INDIGENOUS’ fall ’16 line.

Fall Fashion trends for the modern art museum | eco friendly clothes report

The Extra Long Cardigan

It's draping and dramatic. It screams art opening. It swishes elegantly at the museum. The rest of your outfit you can keep simple, because these cardigans say it all. I imagine it’s like pulling on a story… a rich blanket of detail and character. This sweater trend is my favorite pick for the season.  

Womens Extra Long Cardigan Sweater | Fall Ethical Fashion TrendLong dramatic cardigan sweater in red | Indigenous

Above > Door to the World Cardigan in red, made by fair trade artisan groups in Peru.

Below > Luxury Link Cardigan in black, knit from organic cotton & Tencel.

Womens extra long sweater in black | Eco fall fashion trendsKnit detail on long black cardigan sweater

Subtle Plaids

These aren’t the in-your-face tartans found in 80’s Pendleton’s. These plaids are soft, subtle and sophisticated. My favorite is the Royal Plaid Shawl, hand-woven by artisans using pure organic cotton. I would go with the ivory/silver combination and pair it with light beige and my Tom’s wedge boots in suede. Unfortunately, not many of these versatile wraps were made, so collect it while you can.

Womens fall fashion trend: subtle elegant plaid shawl

Above > Royal Plaid Shawl in subtle shades of light gray, and undyed ivory organic cotton.

Below > Tom's Suede Women's Desert Wedges in taupe. (I have to vouch for these. They're comfy and chic.) 

Toms Desert Wedge Booties in Taupe Suede | Fall fashion trends


The Ultra Modern Sweater

OK, I’m actually not sure if this is a trend. I just think this is the perfect sweater to stand around in, looking critically at art. This one is called the Twisted Front Pullover, and it’s made of the softest combination of organic cotton and eco-friendly Tencel. Pair it with tall boots and most anything else. Boom, you’re good to go. Suddenly you're looking so bohemian, in a Parisian sort of way. It's reminiscent of a balet dancer in her off hours. I'm getting one of these for myself, and next time I head out to drink wine and talk about something other than kids, I'll be ready.

Womens artistic twisted front pullover sweater | modern fall fashion trend

Above > The Twisted Front Pullover in black. It comes in other attractive colors, including two darkly striped combinations. 

In all honesty, this time the kids came with me. And I ended up in an organic cotton t-shirt and jeans afterall. Kids make pretty cute accessories anyway.

The best accessory to bring to the museum, your adorable kid.Visiting the museum of modern art

what to wear to the museum of modern art

If you're more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of person yourself, I highly recommend the Luxe Scoop Neck. It's super soft, with a thicker-than-jersey feel and a body flattering cut. Or shop other eco-friendly tops and tanks >