Eco Fashion For Everyone: 2 T-Shirts with Great Prices


Eco Ethical Tee Shirts for Everyone | Affordable Organic Tops for Women and Men

Closet and drawers over-filled with cheap clothes you’ll never wear again? We’ve got the cure.

Slow fashion is about investing in clothing that you love. It’s about buying clothes that are made well, and made to last. But ethically made fashion can be affordable for every-day too. And we want to prove it.

Enter examples 1 and 2. These eco-friendly T-Shirts—one for women and one for men—are made using the same high standards as all the clothes we make. Both are made from soft organic cotton. Each is colored with safe, low-impact dyes. And each is sewn by fair trade artisans earning a livable wage and while working in safe conditions. Yet both T’s are available at a price anyone can afford. 

Affordable slow ethical eco fashion tee for women in periwinkle blueAffordable eco fashion t-shirt for men | purple

1) Women's Luxury Scoop Tee in Periwinkle Blue - $29. Also available in White, Beige and Navy.

2) Men's Essential Tee in Blackberry Purple - $28. Also available M, L and XL in Black, and Light Gray.

We think they're the perfect way to dip your feet in, and try ethical fashion on for size. (Already a believer? Maybe you know someone who is ready to wear clothing that fits their budget and their morals. Share this post to pass the word.) 

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