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Be Your Own Valentine

Published: February 02, 2018 by Emily Roberts

Love your self : Be your own Valentine

Right at the tail end of winter when you are craving the light most of all, here it comes: Valentine's Day. It's the perfect time to look inward, pay attention, and listen to what you need for you. After all, when we restore our own inner resources, we have more light to spread to the rest of the world. 


  1. Treat yourself, even if it’s just to something you really need. Sometimes we’re so busy rushing around, taking care of others, we put off doing necessary things for ourselves. Things that will make us feel cared for. What have you been putting off?
  1. Now is the time for tea. Tea is warm, nice smelling (think aromatherapy), plus it's chalked full of all sorts of mysterious good-for-you nutrients like the powerful antioxidant catechin. Green tea is especially antioxidant rich, calming, and mood elevating. Numi tea  is our favorite! Plus it's organic + fair trade, like us!
  1. Pick up a good book. It's the perfect way to keep your brain healthy while expanding your empathy and enlarging your perspective. Here are some of our recent favorite reads: All the Light We Cannot See, Cabinet of Curiosities, The Happiness Hypothesis.
  1. Manifest a mini at-home spa event. Steam is downright intoxicating when it's cold and dry outside. Invest in extra nourishing, smell-good moisturizers to get your skin through the winter. 
  1. Cozy up in clothing that makes you feel good. Handcrafted sweaters are the best! Whether in alpaca or organic cotton, our favorite sweaters give us that instantly warm, cared-for feeling. (Seriously, you should see us around the office some days. It can turn into an Indigenous knits-of-the-past-present-and-future fashion show.) Of course, ethical and sustainable sweaters are the best choice of all, since they’re not only cozy, they also do good in the world.


Straight from the women of Indigenous (state-side), here are a few of our favorite ways to keep shining through the wintertime...


I love a hike no matter how cold. I especially love it misty and foggy. I follow it up with a hot chai latte and I'm good! —Britta

Family coloring night gets our creativity going, and brings us all around the table… Plus the table is full of bright and beautiful colors. —Emily

Get out of town. I go to Mexico. Alternately, I binge on Netflix… And go shopping! –Averi

Starting in the fall I take 5000 units of Vitamin D3 liquid drops (until I’m back out in the sun again in June). I try and exercise more. And I take walks with my one year old in his stroller, play music on my headphones and enjoy the smell of fresh air. —Gina 

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Be Your Own Valentine
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